• Liquid Guard® The World's Best Permanent Surface Anti-Microbial Coating

Certified against coronaviruses.

A permanent 'always on' effective microbial

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Liquid Guard famous for its duration

One coat of Liquid Guard® lasts up to 4 years on low touch surfaces like kitchen splashbacks and windows or up to 1 year on high touch surfaces like entry door handles, floors, phones and tablets.

There's simply nothing like it.

Independently proven to kill viruses, bacteria, algae and mould.

Liquid Guard® has been proven to give a physical, non-mutating 99.99% kill.

Independently tested and verified for performance against common viruses, bacteria, fungal infections, algae and yeasts.

Liquid Guard® is certified to eliminate many different organisms including:

TGEV Coronavirus (99.8%) and model Coronaviruses such as SARS-COV2 (COVID-19), Influenza A, Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), E Coli, Clostridium, Salmonella, Haemophilus, Pseudomonas, Aspergillus, Listeria, Strep Mutans, Candida Albicans and many more.

To-date, testing has not discovered any microbe that Liquid Guard® does not defeat.

The problem with traditional disinfectants is they don't last.

Traditional disinfecting removes bacteria from surfaces only at the time of cleaning. Soon after microbes begin to form and multiply again until the next clean. This is your risk-period. 

It also requires that the cleaner uses the right disinfectant, allows an appropriate 'dwell' time, uses sterile cleaning gear, and works accurately and carefully to ensure a completely clean surface. This is a process risk.

Whether it's the cafe table wipe down before you eat or something more critical like secondary hospital infection control there is both a risk period and a risk in the traditional process. It is a single layered approach. Adding Liquid Guard to the regime doubles your protection.

Avoid both problems with a permanent solution that remains active 24/7 in between coats, and is applied carefully once a year, or longer.

Health & Safety

Liquid Guard is free of halogens, heavy metals and nano-silver. It is tested and approved safe to use following the application requirements for consumers and professionals.

Liquid Guard is safe: Once the liquid nano-glass is cured there are no known effects. Invisible to the eye and safe to touch Liquid Guard gained a 100% Excellent Rating having passed Dermatological testing in an Independent European report in 2019.

Liquid Guard is also non-migrating. It is a liquid nano-glass that requires a cure time of 6 hours to harden.

It doesn’t dilute, rub off or leach. Its base is made from silicon dioxide, a form of silica, one of the worlds most abundant resources. Just like normal glass its permanent, but at a nano-scopic level, measuring just 150 nano meters thick. And remember 1 nano meter is 1 millionth of a millimetre, or about the thickness of a human hair split into 80,000 equal parts. It is truely remarkable.

Liquid Guard is non-mutating.

Microorganisms will not be able to develop a resistance to Liquid Guard since its a physical kill. This is the opposite to other active substances which to kill will mutate cells encouraging cell resistance to develop, a growing global health problem. According to the World Health Organisation, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) threatens the effective prevention and treatment of an ever-increasing range of infections caused by bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi. AMR is an increasingly serious threat to global public health that requires action across all government sectors and society.

Is Liquid Guard a Broad Spectrum anti-microbial?

Yes it is. Unlike quaternary ammonium compounds which are typically seen in 30 day fogging type treatments Liquid Guard is a broad spectrum anti-microbial. This makes it useful in hospital environments which require the highest standards that narrow spectrum products cannot deliver.

Making self-disinfecting surfaces a reality

The Story

Find out about Liquid Guard and Nano Cares research and development story and how they came to win the coveted German Innovation of the Year Award 2019 in Berlin with the creation of Liquid Guard...and a few other interesting news stories on the Nano Care Germany news page!